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How to improve your chances of finding your dream tech job

1. Focus

It is always great to widen your horizon and to learn more and more coding skills in different areas to broaden your personal horizon and possibilities but keep in mind that many companies look for a specific focused set of skills and require a candidate that fits the role they are searching for. Gain knowledge and experience in the skill set the company is looking for before applying, to be able to fulfil their baseline criteria.


2. Show your skills

As mentioned, companies will request that you are proficient in a certain set of skills, they will want to know how well you fit the position they are trying to fill. Technical skills are the most important asset of an IT-Professional and the number one criterion for hiring, it is crucial to show the company what you are capable of. To improve your chances of getting the job you want, you should prove yourself and your abilities by showing practical cases from your current employment or from personal projects. It’s easiest to just add a link to your GitHub profile for the company to get the necessary information about your technical abilities.

3. Salary Expectations

Before applying it is important to have realistic salary expectations, you should get informed on what your work is typically worth based on your own abilities and compared to others. The city, the type of employment, capabilities and education – your average salary depends on many factors. You can expect a different salary if you work in Berlin compared to if you work in Stuttgart. To see what happens to your salary if you change different factors, how to improve your salary and to find out what average salary to expect in your current situation try out the StepStone Salary Planner.

4. Language Requirements

Many companies value the knowledge of foreign languages but especially in Germany many firms still require their applicants to speak German or at least be fluent in English. You should try to fulfil at least one of these criteria to increase your chances for a Job in Germany. If you are finding it difficult to find a job in Germany and are thinking about staying in Germany long term it could be worth it to invest in a language course to improve your English or even learn German. If both of these criteria are not the applicable to you don’t be in despair, this just means that is even more important for you to show the company that you fit the position and have excellent technical skills to be an asset for the company anyways.

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